The project involves the construction of a new health center to replace the existing one which has become obsolete and no longer meets the needs of the garrison. The new building has pile foundations and the area of ​​7,141 sq.m. spread over 2 floors. The facade of the building measures 97 m and its depth varies from 35 m to 43 m. It is expected that the building can be expanded in the future. The building meets the standards of LEED certification, particularly in terms of energy saving through the use of geothermal energy, insulation, ventilation, water consumption control systems etc. The majority of the windows are on the south side of the building. On the outside, there are plugs for electric vehicles.

The health center includes doctors’ offices, an office of preventive medicine, a radiology department, a pharmacy and a laboratory. The dental clinic of the existing health center has moved there. The clinic can have up to 12 chairs for dental care. Upstairs, there is a multipurpose room to hold group information sessions.

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