The project consisted of the transformation of the Guy-Gagnon building into a cultural venue with the construction of a new professional-level concert hall a few meters from the St. Lawrence River. The project also included the redevelopment and expansion of the Studio A occupied by Verdun Circus School by adding a mezzanine to accommodate two dance studios as well as administrative offices. The building has also been equipped with a large training area of ​​800 sq.m., locker rooms and a cafeteria.

Studio B, located in the other part of the building, serves as a cultural venue with its 300-seat auditorium, 120-sq.m. showroom and 100-sq.m. meditation room, its entrance hall accommodating 500 people and its administrative spaces reserved for the borough. The project also included the development of a river-side terrace and the revegetation of part of the rear parking lot.

City of Montreal


General Contractor